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In 1995, having completed a PhD in molecular genetics, my career began as a research scientist investigating obesity and diabetes, at the prestigious Garvan Institute of Medical Research, in Sydney, Australia. However, after 10 years of academia I concluded that the ‘magic pill’ for health was a long way off and that in the meanwhile good health required effort and needed to be earned. I returned to university, obtained a Masters degree in in nutrition and dietetics, and in 2004, opened my first nutrition consultancy The Body Doctor. As both an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Practicing Sports Dietitian, my interests spanned a vast range of health and performance issues. I became very involved in weight management, chronic disease and gastro-intestinal health. I developed a keen interest in sports performance and managing pregnancies. I observed that stress, sleep, fitness and state of mind have significant impact on how people eat and how all these factors intertwine and affect one’s health.

I also identified that many people suffer food addiction and that like all addictions, it can be very challenging to manage or overcome. As my career developed I became very interested in longevity and the profound role that nutrition and lifestyle can play on disease prevention, healthy aging and lifespan. I undertook additional formal education and become Board certified in both Australia and USA in regenerative and anti-aging medicine. In 2018, I relocated to Singapore and by combining my years of research, experience gained from thousands of clients and continued education, I formed a bespoke nutrition and longevity consultancy dedicated to the goal of helping people to live healthier and longer lives.



Bachelor degree of Science, with 1st Class Honours (molecular biology)
Masters degree of Science, with Distinction ( Nutrition & Dietetics)
Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine)


Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine – Board certified
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine – Board certified


Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Australia
Accredited Practicing Nutritionist, Australia
Accredited Sports Dietitian, Australia
Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association – member


Expert Panelist –