Successful and permanent weight loss requires the right frame of mind, a working knowledge of the components of food, the willingness to adopt new eating patterns and the ability to challenge old habits. Realistic weight loss targets and the time frames needed to achieve these targets need to be established. Consistency, staying ‘on-track’ and accountability for one’s actions are important factors in losing and sustaining weight loss. There are many positive benefits of weight loss:
– Loss of excess body fat
– Improved energy levels, self-esteem and body image
– Healthier pregnancies and healthier newborns
– Reduction and reversal of insulin resistance and diabetes
– Improvements in blood pressure
– Prevention, reduction and reversal of heart disease
– Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress
– Decreased risk of some cancers
– Improvements in hormone function
– A life free of chronic disease

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to permanent and healthy weight loss. By drawing upon a range of scientifically supported strategies, I tailor each plan and identify the most appropriate strategy for each individual.




Charles D

I was not excessively overweight but I wanted to establish a long term healthier position. What Naras did was to help me identify and better understand in practice how the different elements of my food intake contributed to my overall weight levels and the part that regular exercise (for me walking) could play.  I did not have to completely change my way of life.  I was able to establish modified eating patterns that were interesting and nutritious and identify and eliminate food habits that led directly to weight gain.  I found that looking beyond day-to-day weight fluctuations to trends over weeks and months gave me the encouragement to continue.  Regular meetings with Naras reinforced our plan of action. I became satisfied with smaller portions and learnt to be firm most of the time about not snacking. I enjoyed having to buy new clothes!

John G – University Lecturer

The dietary and exercise regime that Naras and I have put in place have achieved startling results, both physical and mental. The regime is far from brutal, simply a matter of ‘sensible’ eating at regular times and daily exercise of 30-40 minutes’ walking. But after a mere 6 weeks, I have shed 3 kilos. Far more importantly, I sleep more deeply, wake with a clearer mind and find myself able to juggle the various heavy demands of my job, not so much with less difficulty as with much more pleasure. I cannot recommend the Body Doctor’s gentle methods strongly enough!

Rachael – Researcher

My unhealthy eating patterns and steady increase in weight has affected me for the past couple of years. I thought about it and became increasingly frustrated, but never did anything about it. Naras has given me support, relevant information and a great foundation for changing those destructive patterns. It’s a whole change in my mindset and my eating patterns. I eat healthier and as an added bonus I’ve actually seen the results in my weight reduction.

Michael J

A few visits to Naras have transformed my eating habits entirely. I was given sensible and achievable ideas that helped me make good choices. I have started to eat and enjoy a wider range of food than before. As a result of these changes, I feel better, look better and I have achieved my target weight.  Thanks Naras!

Pip D (Healthcare professional)

Thank you so much for your excellent guidance giving me both the information and support to achieve my goal.  Each year leading up to my 50th birthday meant another kilogram (or two) in body weight, an increasing challenge in finding clothes to feel comfortable and look great in and a resulting loss of self confidence.

Whilst determined to overcome this, despite being a health care professional and involved in the fitness industry, I lacked the knowledge to achieve my objective.

Your analysis of my situation and your clear direction resonated.  I immediately implemented the plan you provided and achieved my goal in a short period of time.  Most importantly, your ongoing counsel has turned my new habits in to the habits of a life time.
I’m fully equipped to manage my weight, my health and my self esteem.
Again – thank you so much!

JP – Graphic Designer

Having spent the majority of my life overweight with a great deal of inherited bad eating traits Naras offered professional and realistic dietary advice that was easy to implement.

When we first met I weighed 116 kilos 12 months later I weigh 98 kilos. Thanks to Naras and some brilliant eating plans and fuelling strategies I have successfully completed the city to surf, Sydney half marathon and now we’re working towards my first triathlon.

I’ve never felt better and now looking forward to a more active and energised life…along with a new wardrobe!!

CR – Executive Assistant

I have struggled with my weight for the majority of my life but never had any real success in losing it.    I was recommended to Naras and have been seeing him for 8 months now and in that time, I have achieved so much thanks to him.  A combination of a sensible eating & exercise plan has helped me to achieve my goal.  The plan was realistic and allowed me to indulge on the odd occasion and this was one of the main reasons I succeeded as it was tailored exactly to fit my lifestyle.

I have managed to keep the weight off and am now training for a full marathon which is something that I would never have even considered before!

Mary E

With Naras’s gentle guidance, I have managed to lose about 16kg and achieve my goal weight. With other dietitians, I have always had to fill in food diaries, and initially visit every week to be checked on. With Naras, I had to take responsibility for my own actions. I only had appointments every 3-4 weeks, and at each appointment, we developed a food plan that works for me, and we would together set goals for the next few weeks. I now eat healthier and have the motivation and tools to maintain the ‘new’ me.