Specialising in weight control and weight loss in Singapore

Successful and permanent weight loss requires the right frame of mind, a working knowledge of the components of food, the willingness to adopt new eating patterns and the ability to challenge old habits. Realistic weight loss targets and the time frames needed to achieve these targets need to be established. Consistency, staying ‘on-track’ and accountability for one’s actions are important factors in losing and sustaining weight loss. There are many positive benefits of weight loss:

– Loss of excess body fat
– Improved energy levels, self-esteem and body image
– Healthier pregnancies and healthier newborns
– Reduction and reversal of insulin resistance and diabetes
– Improvements in blood pressure
– Prevention, reduction and reversal of heart disease
– Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress
– Decreased risk of some cancers
– Improvements in hormone function
– A life free of chronic disease

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to permanent and healthy weight loss. By drawing upon a range of scientifically supported strategies, I tailor each plan and identify the most appropriate strategy for each individual.