Whether one is a beginner, recreational athlete or elite competitor, proper fueling and nutrition is fundamental to improving athletic performance. Through targeted nutrition strategies, athletes can:
– Improve power to weight ratio
– Make weight for competition
– Reduce body fat
– Maintain energy levels, fluid balance and hydration during exercise and competition
– Improve recovery and minimise injury
I am an accredited sports dietitian, with consulting experience to professional sporting teams, cycling clubs, running clubs, fighting arts and athletes of all disciplines. Based on energy needs, training schedules and performance levels, I create targeted hydration and nutrition plans focusing on the sporting outcomes required. I address appropriate day-to-day nutrition, pre- exercise/competition, during-exercise/competition and recovery nutrition. Successful application of these strategies is as important as the training itself to achieve athletic performance gains.




DC – Clinical Researcher

My team and I met with Naras to gain some nutritional advice prior to embarking on a 100km fundraising walk.  Naras provided us with some great advice with respect to both food and liquid intake during the event.  We abided by his advice and as a result, managed to successfully complete this gruelling 100km event in 25 hours 5 minutes.  Our energy levels, whilst weary at times, were generally well maintained through sufficient nutrition and hydration and we sincerely thank Naras for wonderful advice and support of our team.


I just want to say a final thank you for all your help in getting my diet and, most importantly, my fuelling ready for the marathon. I was so pleased to pull out 3 hours 35 – a huge improvement by about 15 minutes from last year. A big part of it really came down to a much better plan on fuelling for the race.  For the most part (apart from the last few km….) I felt quite comfortable. It was a great race and I have all your words of wisdom safely tucked away for the next marathon.


A huge thank you for your help and inspiration in getting me to complete my first marathon. It was an incredible experience and I loved it!

I ran exactly according to your plan and could never have done it without you.

I’m scared to tell you but I have entered another marathon in 3 month’s time. I am hooked!

SB – Lawyer

Our 4‑cyclist team successfully competed in the Race Across America, a 5,000km non-stop 24 hours/day bicycle race from San Diego CA to Baltimore MD.  The Race Across America is an extreme event with unique requirements, especially for food and liquid intake.  With Naras’s programme, each of us was able to race successfully for 6 days and 6 nights and we achieved a time and placing better than our goal.

Dr Naras Lapsys devised a programme which enabled each of us to ingest sufficient manageable food and liquid for the continuous 6 days and 6 nights.  We followed a pattern of food and liquid intake based on the rhythms of the Race rather than on the actual time of day.  Naras incorporated special requirements to overcome the medical condition affecting 3 of our racers, and suggested a very wide range of choices for foods (that was very useful when on the 3rd day I couldn’t manage to get my jaw to chew anything – fortunately that resolved 36 hours later but in the meantime Naras’s suggestions regarding liquid and gel foods enabled me to keep racing).

We could not have done this huge race and feel as good as we did at the end without a proper nutrition programme.  Thank you very much!

MM – competition cyclist

When I came to Naras 5 months ago, I had just started road riding and was trying to train hard. I couldn’t sustain a high level of effort and was always tired, nearly falling asleep in the afternoons. I also was unable to backup the next day and do any type of effort, let alone a quality effort. While I thought I had a healthy diet and was eating the right foods, it just wasn’t working for me.

Consulting with Naras, I realised that I was ignorant in the correct ways to fuel myself in order to achieve my training and race goals. I have since become educated in understanding the composition, use and the right foods to eat.  I have been enlightened on how important it is to choose the right foods in the correct quantities at the right times.

By changing my diet, I feel a lot more powerful, partly because I have put on 3kg of muscle. I often train in the mornings and race in the afternoons and have no problems about recovering and backing up to ride day after day. I now train and race at a higher level and I believe that I can continue this progress onto even bigger and better things.

Once again, many thanks for all your help.