Specialising in Cancer Prevention & Management in Singapore

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, however up to 50% of cancers could be prevented by avoiding key modifiable risk factors. It is well accepted that the chances of developing cancer are affected largely by lifestyle choice. How people chose to eat and live can have a powerful effect on health, including cancer risk.

Many foods and dietary patterns have been studied that are likely to lower cancer risk. Recently, several new studies have identified dietary strategies that may be effective in cancer management in helping to decrease cancer growth rates.

I actively follow current dietary and lifestyle research on cancer prevention and cancer management. Cancer treatment has remained relatively unchanged for many years but recently a range of new dietary adjunct therapies are showing much promise. New data continues to emerge on specific food and components of food that are cancer preventative. By drawing upon this data, I create specific dietary and lifestyle plans with scientific credibility, to minimise cancer risk or to reduce cancer progression.